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SL Power

- SL Power Electronics designs, manufactures and markets internal and external power supplies for medical, communications, computer peripheral and industrial electronic OEMs.  The Company is a global leader in the development of AC/DC and DC/DC standard, modified and custom power supplies. The product offering includes a broad range of AC/DC and DC/DC open-frame switch mode and linear power supplies from 7 to 6000 watts marketed under the Condor brand name. In addition, SL Power has an external AC/DC switch mode power supply offering from 6 to 200 watts as well as transformers, battery chargers and DC mobile adapters marketed under the Ault brand name.
Image Part Number Description Lead Free RoHS View
PENB1020B4800F01 AC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER Lead Free compliant
PENT1040B5600F01 AC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER Lead Free compliant
ME20A4802B01 AC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 48V 20W Contains Lead non-compliant
MENB1020A1803F01 AC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 18V 18W Lead Free compliant
ME20A0503F01 AC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 5V 15W Lead Free compliant
CENB1030A1212C01 AC/DC WALL MOUNT ADAPTER 12V 30W Lead Free compliant
MENB1020A1803N01 AC/DC DESKTOP ADAPTER 18V 18W Lead Free compliant
08-30466-1075G CHASSIS FOR CONDOR GLX75 SGL OUT Lead Free compliant
08-30466-1175 L BRACKET CONDOR GLX75 MULT OUT Contains Lead non-compliant
08-30466-1180 L-BRACKET/COVER CONDOR GPM/GPC80 Contains Lead non-compliant
18-30234-2020 CONN KIT FOR CONDOR V POWER SUPP Contains Lead non-compliant
PF-1G POWER FAIL MONITOR Lead Free compliant
09-33961-1G CHASSIS FOR CONDOR POWER SUPPLY Lead Free compliant
18-30234-3013 CONN KIT FOR CONDOR GPX80 Contains Lead non-compliant
08-30466-1041 COVER FOR CONDOR GPC41 POWER SUP Contains Lead non-compliant
08-30466-1200G COVER FOR CONDOR GPM/GPC200/225 Lead Free compliant
08-30466-1040 CHASSIS/COVER FOR CONDOR GLC40 Contains Lead non-compliant
09-250CFG COVER W/ FAN FOR CONDOR GPFM250 Lead Free compliant
08-30466-1055G CHASSIS/COVER CONDOR GPM55/GPC55 Lead Free compliant
OV-12 OVERVOLT PROT FOR LINEAR PWR SUP Contains Lead non-compliant
09-RBCOVER COVER W/ FAN FOR CONDOR RSX350 Contains Lead non-compliant
KT1027K INTERCHANG BLADE KIT PW170/MW172 Lead Free compliant
08-30466-2125G COVER CONDOR GPFC125 PWR SUP SUP Lead Free compliant
08-30466-2175G CHASSIS/COVER FOR CONDOR GLC75 Lead Free compliant
09-250CF COVER W/ FAN FOR CONDOR GPFM250 Contains Lead non-compliant
09-150CFG COVER WITH FAN Lead Free compliant
08-30466-1180G L-BRACKET/COVER CONDOR GPM/GPC80 Lead Free compliant
09-160CF COVER W/ FAN FOR CONDOR GPFC160 Contains Lead non-compliant
08-30466-0050 CHASSIS/COVER FOR CONDOR GLC50 Contains Lead non-compliant
08-30466-0028 CHASSIS/COVER FOR CONDOR GSM28 Contains Lead non-compliant
08-30466-1130 COVER FOR CONDOR GPM130/GPC130 Contains Lead non-compliant
08-30466-1045 CHASSIS/COVER FOR CONDOR VCA Contains Lead non-compliant
18-30234-3016 CONN KIT FOR CONDOR GPX130/140 Contains Lead non-compliant
08-30466-0065G COVER FOR GL SERIES Lead Free compliant
09-RBCOVERG COVER W/ FAN FOR CONDOR RSX350 Lead Free compliant
09-115CF COVER/FAN ASSY CONDOR GPF115CF Contains Lead non-compliant
6872340FG ADAPTER 2.5MM TO 2.1MM FOR AC DC Lead Free compliant
08-30466-0050G CHASSIS/COVER FOR CONDOR GLC50 Lead Free compliant
08-30466-0025 CHASSIS/COVER FOR CONDOR GSC25 Contains Lead non-compliant
08-30466-020W CHASSIS/COVER FOR CONDOR GSC20 Contains Lead non-compliant
08-30466-1080G CHASSIS/COVER FOR CONDOR VEA Lead Free compliant
09-160CFG COVER W/ FAN FOR CONDOR GPFC160 Lead Free compliant
09-33961-1 CHASSIS FOR CONDOR POWER SUPPLY Contains Lead non-compliant
08-30466-2075 CHASSIS/COVER CONDOR GLC75 SGL Contains Lead non-compliant
08-30466-1045G CHASSIS/COVER FOR CONDOR VCA Lead Free compliant
OV-24 OVERVOLT PROT FOR LINEAR PWR SUP Contains Lead non-compliant
09-115CFG COVER/FAN ASSY CONDOR GPF115CF Lead Free compliant
08-30466-020WG CHASSIS/COVER FOR CONDOR GSC20 Lead Free compliant
08-30466-0028G CHASSIS/COVER FOR CONDOR GSM28 Lead Free compliant
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